After 10+ years of practice we have tested more than 100 contractors. And only few of them we can recommend. Here they are:
Polyurethane casting (silicone molds), sheet plastic molding, multi-axis milling,3D printing.
Electronics: A Full Turnkey Solution.
Complex metalworking, stamping, bending and cutting of sheet metal.
Plastic molding (metal-polymer molds), polyurethane casting (silicone molds), 3D printing.
Full-cycle production: molds and serial molding of plastic enclosures, electronics, assembly and packaging.
Robotics, IT and design work.
Rapid prototype, silicone mold, plastic injection parts, metal parts, assembly and packaging.
Uidea specializes in high quality rapid prototyping services, rapid low-volume manufacturing and high-volume production.
Co Go Mould focused on making various of plastic injection moulds and moulded plastic proudcts.
More than 24 years experience on plastic injection and 16 years on Silicone Mould.
CNC machining service, rapid prototyping.