Karaoke machine "AST"

Stage #1


Any project starts with the analysis of the existing alternative solutions. The task itself sounds as follows: we need a professional case design for a new model of a karaoke machine "AST". Karaoke system is developed for b2c segment — a so called "house" variant.
Nothing special — everything is in conformity with the historical development of trends in general.
Stage #2

Case design development

We make sketches:
There are many ideas, but only 6 of them have been approved. We work on details:

Case design development

Move on to 3D-modelling and visualization:
We print out the model with a 3D-printer to check the case ergonomic capacities:
Stage #4


CAD-modeling (and the preparation of design documentation):
Stage #5


The next stage is making a prototype:
Stage #6

Package design

Now we work on the package for a karaoke system. The task seems to be rather simple. But that is not so: a package is extremely important for the product promotion. There are different types of package (logistical, for example) and the package has many functions (to attract consumers' attention, make the product distinguishable etc.)

Another aim of the package is to provoke positive emotion of a Customer. That is why each element should be thought through and carefully tested. In this project the package had an additional function – there is a scenario when the customer transports the device to another place (for example, to a country house to have a karaoke party at the weekend). It is easier to use the manufacturer's original package rather than search for some other options, as the former already has the bed or special pockets etc. Moreover, it will be displayed on a shelf. It is a selling tool and its design should be better than that of competitors.

We are preparing a visualization of the device:
And move on to designing the box:
— This project is a real example of how industrial design can improve the competitiveness of a product and a business as such.

The reality is that if your competitors pay attention to the design, you also have to. Or you will be defeated. In other words, if they sharpen the ax, you also should…

Andrey Vostrikov
Industrial designer
Head of industrial design bureau Formlab