Ultrasonic flaw detector "LUCH"

A new flaw detector case
Stage #1


The company «LUCH» has a task for us: to develop a new flaw detector case, to make a lighter case and upgrade the design.
Here is the old case
Here is the old case
Any project begins with the analysis of the product itself and models suggested by both direct and indirect competitors. Let's take a look at the designs by other manufacturers:
Stage #2

Case design development

Design development begins with sketches.
There are more than a hundred ideas and designs; we need to make a choice. We choose three main options:
Stage #3

Case design development

3D-modeling and visualization
The Customer selects, expresses his wishes, and the design changes almost completely.
Flaw detector is not a simple device: the operator would have to work in extremely complicated conditions. So the ergonomic properties of the case are extremely important.

To test them we need to make a full-scale prototype – by way of 3D-printing, for example, which is easy and cheap.
Stage #4


The next stage is CAD-modeling and the preparation of the package of design documentation.
We make a test model of the flaw detector. Production technology is multi-axis milling glass-nylon composite.
And here the manufacturer makes a presentation of the first serial (mass-produced) case at a specialized exhibition.