Colibri HRV neural sensor
A compact, light and colorful case.
Stage #1


The "Neurotech" company needs a modern and compact case for a neural sensor of a new Calibri HRV system.
Stage #2

Case design development

We only select the best ideas — discuss the developments and check if everything complies with the terms of reference.
The tool targets multiple markets and audiences; the sphere of use is extensive. Consequently, the design is crucial. We start looking for form and style:
The search is completed, we have to make detailed sketches and give them to the client for choosing the design of the tool.
The choice is made. We develop a prototype body.
Stage #3
Experienced customers understand that you cannot develop a serial product without prototyping:
As a bonus, we developed promotion and advertising materials:
And here are the pictures of the sensor:
(Fotos: Neurotech)