Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-17D "Zyablik" — Design Process

Only two months from idea to prototype
Stage #1


The purpose of using a dosimeter is clear — it measures the level of radiation. Our task is to make the work process more comfortable for specialists and the appearance of a device more beautiful and eye-catching.

Three main components of a new dosimeter-radiometer are a control board, an accumulating module, connected to a detecting unit, and a holder which connects them.

A new extra element is a bar for performing distant measurements. The control board must be waterproof and dust protected (IP67).

Case design development

Preliminary sketch of a dosimeter:
The first sketch
The first sketch
Draft sketches:
Final sketches — in the picture you can see the variant with a bar:
Stage #3

Case design development

Ergonomic characteristics of the handle require special attention: the device is operated in gloves and operator's hand should easily fit in the gap between the handle and a cylinder. Anatomic design of the handle ensured more comfortable grip.
Anatomic design of the handle ensured more comfortable grip
But it is not so easy. The Client rejected original variants: he didn't like the way the units were fastened. He wanted to make it possible to detach a control board, a unit and a handle with one hand. We tested several types of fastening before we found a solution: a fastening type of dovetail and a spring-loaded ball lock.
We verified ergonomic characteristics of the device by making a 3D-prototype of a dosimeter.
In reality the grip was not comfortable enough. We had to make adjustments.
The next stage is designing the casing.
Stage #4


We are selecting the color and the texture of the dosimeter:
Stage #5


The technology of prototype manufacturing is ABS-plastic milling. We study the prototype, identify its disadvantages and make modifications to the design.
The claimed IP level (67) is approved.
The claimed IP level (67) is approved
The case design is completed. We can move on to the production of serial test models. The manufacturing technology is molding in silicon forms.
The assembly of a pre-production dosimeter-radiometer MKS-17D "Zyablik"
Verification of connections of a dosimeter-radiometer MKS-17D "Zyablik"
— In this project we used a combination of original and serial solutions. This approach often allows a significant decrease in the production cost, in particular, for small batches — 20-30 items per year.

Evgeniy Arakas
Head of the Project