Radionuclide Diagnostic Device GAMMA-5

A case that emphasizes the value of the device. From the design to prototype in just 3 months.
Stage #1


In this project, we are working on the design of a new model of a medical radionuclide diagnostics device Gamma-5 for surgical use.

The price of such medical devices sometimes reaches up to several tens of thousands dollars. Developers' goal is to reduce the sale price by at least half, or even threefold as compared to the average market price. We will help to do just that.

But first, we need to come up with a nice and comfortable device case.
“Gamma” device old case
"Gamma" device old case

Case design development

The device's design should highlight its high performance characteristics. Ergonomic requirements: it is important to consider that doctors will be reaching for the device with their hands, wearing medical gloves. All of the buttons must be responsive when pressed, and importantly, the case should not slip out of the hands.

First sketches:
Sketches selected for further development:
We chose anodized aluminum for the case. This material fully meets the customer's requirement that the design of the device should reflect its value. Current trends show that the high-quality and well-thought-out industrial design is secondary to the use of expensive materials and their additional processing. Aluminum, rather than plastic! Aluminum casting, rather than extrusion or bending. Anodizing, for example, may be used for additional processing.

Choosing color and shape:
Surgeons liked the following two sketches:
Already on the development stage, the customer requested to supply a device with tips of various lengths, which prompted the following solution:

  • the tips are to be made from a standard section tube. If needed during production, the tube is cut to the desired size.
The Gamma-5 case is small, yet it should feature the manufacturer's logo, model name, and controls descriptions


The Gamma-5 case material is milled anodized aluminum with plastic inserts. The inscriptions and symbols on the case are applied using the screen-printing and laser engraving.