Industrial m2m-modem "Telemetron"

New modem original case design
Stage #1


The previous version of industrial m2m-modem Telemetron 2.0 featured the standard Gainta casing. Time has come for a change: the new model requires an original design.
"Телеметрон" предыдущего поколения
Previous model case (2013)
Stage #2

Case Design Development

The customer's request was to maintain continuity and transit smoothly from the previous model to the new. Obviously, the round shape does not reflect this, but ... why not show it to the customer? Their choices are often unpredictable.
But the shape didn't work for our client. We went ahead and came up with a few more sketches…
These sketches depict the mount of the modem on a loop:
Either way, the case will be thinner than the previous, standard case.
Choice has been made:
Корпус модема "Телеметрон": выбор сделан
Now, a sticker with a barcode needs to be added.
Нужно добавить наколейку со штрих-кодом
The modem buttons are lit up.
Значки для модема. Подготовка для печати шелкографией
The modem icons are imprinted with silk screening
Everything is ready for the prototype production.
Stage #3


The prototype analysis showed the modem design needed a minor adjustment: the buttons height turned out to be less than expected, and additionally, one button pressed smooth and easily while the other was tough.

Prior to mass production, it's essential to eliminate the identified problems.
This is a serial prototype. Production technology: plastic injection molding.
Old version vs. new version. We believe we succeeded in showing the device appearance continuity and transition.
Before and after: