Contactless substance analyzer EnSpectr

A user-friendly tool.
Stage #1


In this project, we developed the design and ergonomics of a new version of a portable Raman analyzer. By spectroscopy method, this device can quickly identify which substance you are dealing with – harmless powder or an explosive, poison, or regular aspirin.

The tool is fantastic, but initially the model was rather ugly, bulky, and inconvenient.
The previous version of the tool:
The previous version of the tool
The competitors were more successful than our client:
Our task was to change the appearance of analyzer and make its use convenient for the operator.
Stage #2

Case Design Development

As usual, we suggest several variants of design to the client:
This concept was approved and served as a basis for work:
The concept is approved​
The concept is approved
We create a 3D model and work on the ergonomics of the case:
Identifying the manufacturing technology: molding plastic in silicone molds.
The handle of an analyzer mustn't slip out of the operator's hands. We experiment with handle rifling:
The client said the model has too many sharp edges. We make the contours streamlined:
We make the contours streamlined
Making changes to the linkage: change the shape of a handle and make a vertical screen instead of a horizontal one.
Разработка конструкции корпуса рамановского анализатора
The model of analyzer with color and material indications:
The model of analyzer with color and material indications
The model of analyzer with color and material indications
A new case of Raman analyzer — renders: