Portable biometrical terminal "Papillon DIPP-6"

Changing a component — changing design
Stage #1


What can you do when a manufacturer of electronic components suddenly stops producing the necessary display? Make modifications to the design? Stop the device production?

Anyway, it is a good opportunity for upgrading the case design.

We are modifying the appearance of a portable terminal "Papillon DPP-6".

Here is a new display. It is bigger than the previous one:
Here is a new display. It is bigger than the previous one
And this is a new stylus
And this is a new stylus
As the stylus became bigger, it will be hard to find some place for it inside the case as it used to be with the original accessory. Nevertheless, we have to keep the terminal dimensions unchanged.
Stage #2

Case design development

We adapt the case for a new display and a new stylus:
Inscriptions on pictures: Grip straps, And in the center of the case, Passport scanner, Battery slot, Camera, A possible variant of a keypad layout
Customer's choice:
Stage #3

Case design development

We are modeling an upgraded case. The display is no longer the same:
Stage #4


The next step is design development. A new case will have enough space for the display and the stylus.
And also for a strap: for some reason, it is an integral part of many devices.
Такой ремешок — почему-то неотъемлемая часть многих приборов
Stage #5


We completed the design and started making a prototype.
… and the terminal is successfully launched into mass production.
— The Customer's approach to the development is professional: the company doesn't just analyze their own devices, but also the perspective devices of their competitors; they try to predict how the devices would change in several years and on the basis of these predictions, they plan and organize their production.

Andrey Vostrikov
Industrial designer
Head of industrial design bureau Formlab