What can we do for your business?
Any project can be started with a video conference in 5 minutes.

Such a conversation will allow us to understand your problem and show solutions, a roadmap, and the next step.
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What can we do for you?
At your disposal is our experience in developing 100 projects of enclosures for devices. Services for your business
Analysis of your task
It is best to look outside when you feel your product is worse than the competition. We will analyze your product and give recommendations on what can be improved. We will save you from mistakes (expensive production technology, incorrect product design).
New design + prototype
You will need to choose one of several options for your electronic board enclosures. We will manufacture and deliver a prototype case to test the feasibility of assembly, ergonomics, and appearance. It will have fundamental physical properties, for example, tightness, transparency, flexibility, metallization, and inscriptions.
+ serial production
A small batch of enclosures for testing and your first customers. And then, the selection of the factory, the launch of the production of molds, and the serial production of your case or device as a whole. Full control of the entire production chain by our managers.
Full-cycle services
All the necessary specialists and services for developing and producing housing for electronic devices. A complete cycle - from the first idea on a napkin to the finished serial product in a package.

Full-cycle services

Examples of solutions
A few examples of modern instrument cases that we have developed and put into production
Timebook time tracking terminal
The startup needed a case for their device to urgently show to a large client. We made them industrial-quality housing, which cannot be distinguished from a serial one.
Receiver of the underground drilling location system SENSE
The client could not sell his device in the old design in the Chinese market. The new design gave the customer a pass into big sales in China
Rubetek intercom
A design that allowed the company to feel confident in a market where there are many strong competitors. The case is waterproof (IP66), metal, glass, and low production price.
Non-invasive "Ecosvet" emitter
New design of the device, optimization and launch into mass production.
Hi-End Audio Amplifier Sciber
Development of design, ergonomics and construction of Hi-End audio amplifier. The first prototype is made of aluminum at once.
Voltage stabilizer for gas boilers
The client needed a modern and competitive design - there are a lot of Asian products on his market.
Personal tracker for employees
A device that would not interfere with the work of employees on a construction site or factories - a durable and sealed case, for any extreme construction situations.
Infrared Hydrocarbon sensor
Housing for sensor for gas analysis, operating for many years in the temperature range from +60 to -60 °C, salt mist and dust. Explosion protection of components
Weather station "Celsium"
Development and serial production of the device from design, electronic board to packaging and shipment to the customer's warehouse.
Satellite communication terminal
Car roof housing - durability and vibration resistance
UPS for heating systems
Universal housing - a design that will appeal to the buyer and is cheaper than competitors in mass production.
Walkie-talkie for swimmers
Sealed body of the device for use in swimming pools

We have developed 100+ cases for the electronics, security, and medicine industries

Medical Analyzer
M2M modem
Resistance controller
Non-contact substance analyzer
Gamma Therapeutic Complex
One-board computer
DVR with five cameras
Weber car computer
External video card "Bizon"
Sensor for yachts and small ships
Metal detector
Medical video monitor
Medical pedal
Analyzer "Fotecon"
Analyzer "Vital"
Device "Medcoder"
Control unit on DIN-rail "Hydrolock"
Helicopter video camera
Interface module IM-01 SmartScan
We've worked with enterprises and startups
from Europe and Asia
Mikhail Belovol
This is a team of talented and responsible people. It was not an easy task to create the design and construction of the body of a complex multifunctional device in a short time. The job has been successfully solved. Our company is satisfied with the result of our cooperation with RRD.
On behalf of the company and our employees, I express to you
and to your colleagues in the RRD, thanks for the work on the modernization project of our product. Your team's enthusiasm, efficiency, and high professional level made it possible to quickly solve the complex tasks set during the implementation of the project. I am sure that the end users and we will appreciate the new product's elegance, ergonomics, and quality.
With the sales of our device, it got better. How much exactly, it will be possible to understand a little later, but there is a positive trend, even even though our area is specific: mainly government tenders...
LLC "LOTES TM" expresses gratitude to the employees of KKV for the professionalism and high creative level shown in the design of our product. I especially want to note the wishes taken into account related to the continuity of the design and the established style of our products, as well as the constructive approach to solving problems that arose, the initiative and goodwill of the employees.
Lotes TM
Feedback from our clients
Mikhail Orlov
Nikolai Ovanesov
A.Y. Semenov
The atmosphere of comfortable cooperation was created by the ability of the company's specialists to truly delve into the task, resulting in the customer being completely freed from the need to answer many stupid questions.
A.B. Osmekhin

Our team

Lead Designer
Alexey Benner
Evgeniy Arakas
Антон Романюк
Artem Smirnov
industrial designer
Andrei Vostrikov
… and others: technical writers, designers, technologists, 3D modelers…

RRD is constantly growing.
Project manager
industrial designer
Olga Smirnova
Павел Палкин
We must always think about how to solve the client's main problem - his product should sell well, be cheaper in production and be better than competitors.

To do so is our job.
Ilya Tkach
industrial designer
Vladimir Panchenko
industrial designer