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Do you need industrial design? A new enclosure for the medical device? You are in the right place! We offer a complete cycle of services for developing and producing enclosures for medical devices.

Examples of solutions

A few examples of modern instrument cases that we have developed and put into production

The project manager will start with developing a technical task describing the project for your task

The project manager will start with the main thing - he will develop a technical task describing the project for your task. It will need to be studied and approved - this is a roadmap for other project specialists (industrial designers, engineers, technologists, factory and supplier specialists). We organize the delivery of samples, boards and parts ourselves.

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How much do I need to budget for layout and prototyping? What are the deadlines?

If you want to understand how much you will spend on a layout and prototype, first decide on the production technology. For example, making a layout using FDM printing on a 3D printer will cost you a couple of hours (if the device is small) and a couple of hundred dollars. A prototype, made by pouring polyurethane into silicone molds, will cost thousands of dollars and be made in a few days.

And here, for example, to print on a printer such a case as here, costs $ 1000. Make a prototype out of reinforced glass-filled polyamide - $2,500.

Below are examples of serial production costs. Select the category you are interested in.

I. Small-scale production

The cost of production of cases with a circulation of 25 to 50 pieces

II. Production of plastic parts

Circulation - from 1,000 to 10,000 pieces

III. Production of plastic cases

Circulation - from 500 to 10,000 pieces

IV. Production of sheet metal enclosures

Circulation - from 10 to 1,000 pieces

V. Manufacture of metal cases by injection molding technology

Circulation - from 500 to 10,000 pieces

VI. Production of aluminum parts by extrusion

Circulation - from 500 to 10,000 pieces

Do you want to calculate the cost yourself?

Let's share with you the methodology that all companies use

You will be able to::

  • Estimate how much it costs "such a plastic case" - almost like yours.
  • Find out how long it will take to develop and manufacture it.
  • Compare the cost of one piece of the product with different circulations - from 1 to 200,000.
  • Estimate how much money you need for a circle in general - in large strokes.

Now the bottom line: a table in which we collected data from 15 real plastic instrument cases.

How we work

Process step by step

We have developed 100+ cases for the electronics, security, and medicine industries

We work with electronic companies and startups from Europe and Asia.

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Such a conversation will allow us to understand your problem and show solutions, a roadmap, and the next step.
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Feedback from our clients ❤️

Mikhail Belovol
This is a team of talented and responsible people. It was not an easy task to create the design and construction of the body of a complex multifunctional device in a short time. The job has been successfully solved. Our company is satisfied with the result of our cooperation with RRD.
Nikolai Ovanesov
On behalf of the company and our employees, I express to you
and to your colleagues in the RRD, thanks for the work on the modernization project of our product. Your team's enthusiasm, efficiency, and high professional level made it possible to quickly solve the complex tasks set during the implementation of the project. I am sure that the end users and we will appreciate the new product's elegance, ergonomics, and quality.
Mikhail Orlov
With the sales of our device, it got better. How much exactly, it will be possible to understand a little later, but there is a positive trend, even even though our area is specific: mainly government tenders...
A.Y. Semenov
Lotes TM
LLC "LOTES TM" expresses gratitude to the employees of KKV for the professionalism and high creative level shown in the design of our product. I especially want to note the wishes taken into account related to the continuity of the design and the established style of our products, as well as the constructive approach to solving problems that arose, the initiative and goodwill of the employees.
A.B. Osmekhin
The atmosphere of comfortable cooperation was created by the ability of the company's specialists to truly delve into the task, resulting in the customer being completely freed from the need to answer many stupid questions.